Welcome to InCrowd Capital Limited, the first true financial services company for the global adult lifestyle/ SexTech and legal Cannabis industries.

With over 20 years within the adult lifestyle/ SexTech industry I have seen the lack of support available to companies when they wanted to enter these markets or expand and how hard it was for investors wanting to support these sectors to find the right investment opportunities for them.

With the rise in both the SexTech and Cannabis industries and their continued growth it became apparient to me for the need of a dedicated company that was not embarresed to support these companies and their entreprenuers.

Where investors who are open to these new and exciting business opportunities would not have to make blind investments as they did not fully understand the industry sector.

InCrowd Capital was launched to be the link between these two sides and bring together a range of financial services to support all. With a team that is gatherd together that has the skills, knowledge and contacts within the sectors we support to offer a truly professional and personal service and one that is there to fully support everyone we work with.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how our team at InCrowd Capital can help you.

Jason Maskell

Founder & CEO InCrowd Capital Ltd