InCrowd Capital Angel Investors Club

The InCrowd Capital Angel Investors Club has been established to bring together those like-minded investors who are looking to find, support, and help build strong companies led by exciting entrepreneurs that benefit from being in the SexTech and Cannabis business sectors.

Bringing together more than just capital, the investment club members are able to bring their wide range of business skills to help mentor and aid those supported to improve the overall success these businesses can achieve.

All investment club members also have access to our in-house industry experts to call upon for local knowledge and contacts to aid all entrepreneurs they are working with.

Entrepreneurs seeking investment should contact us on

We will review your business venture and followup where there is a match with our members’ investment priorities and skills set.

Benefits Of Joining The InCrowd Capital Investment Club

We are seeking members who wish to get actively involved with the businesses they are supporting and to the wider investment club. In return we offer, 

  • Wide industry knowledge to support you
  • Due diligence on all projects presented
  • On going administration support
  • Networking events with other members and entrepreneurs
  • Monthly newsletter of new investment opportunities

Which can allow you to, 

  • Gain early access to exciting new business opportunities within the global sextech and cannabis sectors 
  • Build a diversified portfolio
  • Share the investment risk and returns with other club members
  • Choose which projects you wish to support and at what investment level

InCrowd Capital Investment Club FAQ

What does it cost to join?

A registration fee of £100 per year is payable upon membership being excepted, this is used to cover general adminastration costs.

Who can join?

Currently membership is open to investors that qualify as certified high net worth investors, sophisticated investors and self-certified sophisticated investors. If you reside in an accepted jurisdiction outside of the UK or Europe, you will need to self-certify as an accredited investor in your local jurisdiction. This process is intended to show us that you have the judgment and understanding to appreciate the risks involved in investing in private companies.

Are my investments protected?

Investing in start up and early stage companies is risky and there is little to no protection in place. It is therefore important, that you invest what you are comfortable with and that appropriate time is given to due diligence prior to making an investment decision. More information is available on our risk warning.

How much do I need to invest?

This is totally up to you to decide based on the each investment opportunity you consider and your personal circumstances.

What are the exit strategy on investments?

Each business should offer a range of exit strategies. Some investments will give short term rewards and others will be more long term. Each investment has a different exit strategy and this is something for you to consideration when deciding on making the investment. When looking to exit an investment we ask that you would offer it to other investment club members first.